Last Minute Shopping Online with Ebates

Have you heard of Ebates yet?

If you're already a converted web shopper, go ahead and click past this post; I know how busy you are, dear readers.

If you haven't heard the scoop on Ebates, here it comes!

If you're like me, mom to a bunch and uber-busy all the time, dragging your kids shopping with you for anything - from groceries to gifts - is something you try your best to avoid.

You probably do what I do when you need to get something more than just milk: jump online, research prices, find a coupon code*, and point-click-buy.

Did you know you can earn back a portion of those online purchases?

Ebates, just like their name implies, offers you $$ -- real cash back -- when you shop online. All you need to do is set up a free Ebates account, browse through their huge list of stores, find the one you were going to shop at anyways, and click it. An Ebates tracking ticket for your account will open and a certain percentage of your purchase (from 1% at Walmart to 4% at Borders Books) will be credited to your account within one or two business days.

What's even sweeter? Ebates is offering a $5.00 sign up bonus to new members and they're offering DOUBLE cash back at over 100 stores right now - many with free shipping.

Perfect for us procrastinators!

The other way you can earn cash back at Ebates is by referring a friend; for each referral, your account gets credited $5.00. The Ebates links in this post are linked to my account so let me shout out a big THANK YOU to anyone uses them to sign up for their own Ebates account.

Ebates is just one of the many little ways you can do the same things you always do online (shopping, searching for info, and surveys to name a few) and earn back a few buckaroos for your pocket. I plan on posting about these from time to time and sharing what works for me with you in hopes that my experiences might be helpful to one of you fine folk out there who stop by my webjoint.

Thanks for reading Writer-Mommy! Love you guys!

{FYI: This isn't a paid post or anything like that. It's something I think is a nice little bonus if you already shop online and I wanted to share it with those of you who might might not have heard of it. I've got $33.25 in my Ebates account right now, so I can tell you with all honesty that it really works!}

*You do always search for a coupon/promo code when you shop online, right? My personal fave is RetailMeNot. Do you have a fave I should check out, too?