7 Quick Takes Friday...on Saturday {Almost Sunday}

I've read Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for quite a while now (go read this post she wrote this week - I really need to take some of it to heart) and I absolutely love her 7 Quick Takes Friday feature.

And not just because I'm a sometimes slacker, bloggy-wise {Oooh! Easy post!}, but because it's fun to read everyone else's posts. Go on over and take a peek for yourself!


I read this post over at Copyblogger and it really made me think about how I need to approach my blogging.

KISS isn't just a band, but a good motto for blogging.


Knute and I took the kids over to our local YMCA camp for a fun afternoon of Christmas at camp today. After spending a couple of hours riding ponies, eating s'mores, chatting up Santa, and bouncing through the woods on a hayride, we tucked them back into the van and headed home.

Screamsy, our youngest, fell asleep on the short drive back.

At 6:30 pm.

And is still now (three hours later) snoring away in his bed.

I do so love how spending time playing out in the cold wears out my kids!


Knute took Friday off from work and headed up to spend a Dude's Day Out with his brother, Uncle Meatball. Both of their birthdays are less than ten days apart and this was their mutual Day of Dudedom. It included:


*Batting cages;

*Eating lunch at a wild game restaurant; and,

*Watching a goofball movie.

I love that Knute and Meatball aren't just brothers, but best friends. I hope Tater and Screamsy keep the brother-dude tradition going when they're grown up.


The kids and I did our one and only Christmas craft the other night - paper chains for Advent.

I'm not opposed to crafts, per se; no, I like a good cut and paste project and can even claim some skill with a sewing machine. What bugs me to no end is the sheer number of crafts seen on Noggin or PBS, all seemingly easy and all completed with great success.

Apparently, the fine folks at Noggin have never tried to make a craft involving sticky glue with three demanding children at the same time in a real home where things like phones, doorbells, errant toddlers, and insane canines reside.

I don't remember a childhood filled with special moments of craft-making with my parents. I do remember a childhood of being loved and taken care of by both of them.

Please, Noggin et al, stop heaping craft guilt upon my over-filled plate, m'kay?


OJ's conviction?

Karma, baby. Karma.


I'm participating in the Christmas Stocking Swap hosted by The Well-Rounded Woman. This is such a cool way to reach out in the blogging community and do something fun for another busy mom.

I find myself wondering what I could do after Christmas to keep the spirit of giving and community building amongst us busy mom bloggers alive.


The Christmas card pictures arrived today via Snapfish. I will admit to being absolutely not concerned a bit with whether all three kids were smiling or dressed to the nines; my goal was a picture where their faces were showing well enough for everyone to see how much they've grown and changed this year.

I'm happy to report that I've met or exceeded that goal.

Oh, and if you happen to be on my list to receive one of these fine treasures, please ignore the goofy look on Screamsy's face. I think he might be like Chandler from Friends: totally incapable of smiling realistically for the camera.


Did I thank you today for reading my blog? NO?! Oh dear - well, let me do it now.


And if you're a subscriber to my RSS feed, well, I don't think mere words can express how thankful I am for your loyalty.

Love you all!