7 Quick Takes Friday {6 Days to Christmas Edition}

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Join in the linkage over at Conversion Diary's main post and while you're there, read this guest post on Jennifer's blog about spiritual dry spells, something that all of us muddle through at one time or another in our faith journey {myself included}.


I had hoped, after beating back the worst of the Porcelain Flu, that I might get a decent night's sleep just by virtue of sheer exhaustion.

This, however, was not the case. Insomnia, that lifelong {going all the way back to when I was a kid in elementary school} no-sleep-monkey-on-my-back, has reared it's bleary-eyed head, keeping me up way too late {or early, whichever way you look at it} last night.

I think those heady days of sleeping well each night, every night, are part of my packed-away youth; even though all three kids sleep well each night, I never do. Which makes me think I really need to order this image as a poster for my kitchen already:


I participated in the Mother Letter Project this week; did you?

Click over and find out how you can give a gift of words to an unsuspecting, blog-hopping mom.

And if you want to read a killer Mother Letter, go read my friend Jane's here. She's such a brave writer on her blog, far more so than I am.


Even though we have tried to keep our gifts minimal this year, particularly with the extended family, I still have bunch of goodies to wrap before Santa can sneak in on Christmas Eve.

Every year, I try to get the wrapping done well before Christmas Eve and every year I fail.

Since we spend Christmas Eve at my super-duper sis-in-law's, I'm up waaaaay too late {yet again} wrapping the Royal Monkey's gifts in the chilly basement.

This year, I'm determined to get the kid's gifts wrapped no later than Sunday night so that I can focus on enjoying Christmas Eve.

When do you wrap your gifts? And is your Christmas Eve a late night of work for you, too?


If you haven't made your Christmas cookies yet {*guilty*}, and you're looking for a more streamlined system of making a bunch of cookies from one basic cookie dough, you can read my post over at Sisterly Savings which links to a series of ten international cookie recipes all made from one starter dough.

There was also an article in this week's Cincinnati Enquirer with a similar system for making twelve different cookies (four of each: bar, layer, and drop); the link to the online article and recipes is right here.

While I love baking and cooking {despite the neglected status of my cooking blog}, I love saving time even more. I'm planning on trying one of these systems; I'll be sure to report back to you.


My uber-chatty, almost three-year-old, has learned to say, "Oh, but Mommy, that was not me."

Hmmm....Sir Screamsy, methinks you have learned your first fib.


Princess Pinky and Prince Tatertot both will be off school for the next two weeks.

While we'll be busy with celebrating Christmas with our family and friends, I still hope to take them both roller skating {my rear aches in anticipation}, to the movies {isn't Despeareaux coming out?} and maybe to this very cool joint just down the road from us:

The Christmas Ranch on Good Morning America.


I finally set up our Creche last night {I still call it a Creche; too many years of French, I suppose} and sat, kneeling in front of the little antique table {family heirloom} upon which it sits.

I am humbled every year when I place the tiny figure of baby Jesus in between Mary and Joseph; He came for me, too?

I always find myself wondering:


I'm no holy roller Catholic; I was lapsed in my faith for many years. I still struggle with it many days because to believe fully means to let go fully and that, fine friends, is tough for us anal-retentive control-freaks.

But, Church doctrines and moments of doubt and darkness aside, I do believe.

I do.

And seeing that infant Jesus statue just reminds me of how lowly it all began. How simple and humble and downright scary {for Mary; I mean, faith aside, giving birth is tough duty, peeps} it all must have been.

It could have been different, but then He wouldn't have been able to love us so fully.


Merry Christmas to everyone!