The Royal Monkeys

My writing life nemeses:

Princess Pinky, age 7

Prince Tatertot, age 5

Sir Screamsalot, age 2.5


Ok, so it’s not a real picture of them. And they are more gorgeous than ghoulish in real life, I can assure you. Luckily, they inherited the best of both Knute and I.

Why no real pictures of my blue-eyed sweetie-pies? Because as proud as I am of each of them, and as much as I love to brag on ‘em, I’m just too darn paranoid about the freaks, geeks, and creeps that are feeding on the Internet like sharks on chum.

*Ok, I'll admit that I've broken this rule once. You can see some snowbound Royal Monkeys here.

And while living with children gives you endless copy and story fodder, I’m picky about what I share about their lives in my writing, too. I wouldn’t want someone blogging my most embarassing moments for cheap giggles. I put myself in their shoes before I start typing and focus through that lens. I’d like them to one day read this blog and be both proud of their mom and delighted at the memories it evokes, not embarrassed or angry that I documented their weaker moments and stumbles along the path we all travel to adulthood.

I love those little monkeys! They’re aging me and tweaking my blood pressure up daily, but I LOVE them!