Soooo, back in 2004, as I was selling House #2, preparing for Move #5 in 9 years, and trying to manage Princess Pinky (who, at that point in history would have been named Princess Blue) and Prince Tatertot while their father was working two states away all week long, I decided I needed to find something to do with my spare time.

(Insert hysterical giggling here. Spare time - HA!)

Since I’ve loved the Internet since I discovered emailing and chatting in college (we’re talking early 90’s here, people, with audible dial-up and blinking cursors), I knew I wanted to create my own little webjoint. A place I, a busy mom/wannabe writer would like to find online - a site to bookmark, link to my friends, make my homepage (this is the part where I’m brainwashing you….I love, I love….).

I bought my domain name through GoDaddy, then promptly forgot about it because it was time to make our way to House #3 and the music in my ears was getting louder: the movers are coming, the movers are coming!

Once we were settled in house #3, most of the boxes were unpacked, and Princess Pinky had emerged from six months of non-stop screaming tantrums induced by what could only have been an undocumented alien abduction, my life was on an even keel once more. I started working on building a website, with the intent of launching with full pages, sweet graphics, and hip, snappy writing.

Then, I popped up pregnant with #3. And the job that had brought us to House #3 began sliding south at an alarmingly frightening pace, requiring a new career strategy, job search, new job, and ultimate relocation to House #4, which of course meant listing House #3 For Sale just after Sir Screamsalot made his grand appearance into this world. Ten month after For Sale sign went up, we were sold, and the music starting singing in my ears again - you ‘ve heard it before, just chant along - the movers are coming, the movers are coming!

Now that my life is somewhat settled again (although I fear by stating that fact, I’m jinxing myself for another upheaval), I decided to finally justify my year-over-year domain renewal fees and finally build my little webjoint.

So here I am, blogging myself silly, and having a great time.

This blog is a place for me to write every day, just because. That means I'll be blogging mostly about my life, experiences, and opinions.

Rest assured that if I mention you - family members, friends, acquintances, random strangers - in a post, I will use a nickname for you and maintain your privacy to the best of my writing abilities. And please know that if you comment here and you do know me FTF (in real-life), I would appreciate your help in maintaining my children's privacy. Any comments with their real names or any other info that could violate their privacy will be deleted.

This paranoid mom thanks you. And if you're a mommyfolk, too, I'm sure you understand!

Thanks for stopping by!